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Cute B Cream Tube 20ml

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Key Features

  • Reduces heavy breasts and gives you a cup size naturally
  • Trimmed excess cells and fat
  • Enhances attractiveness and appeal
  • Hinders sagging and gives good shape
  • Maintain estrogen levels
  • Natural cream to reduce breast size
  • Tones the skin and brings the youth
  • No side effects

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Hashmi Breast Reduction Cream: Reduce Your Breast Size Naturally

Hashmi Breast reduction cream (Cute-B-Cream) is an apt solution when it comes to breast reduction. You don’t need to take the risk of surgery that put you into the hot water.
Heavy breasts are not only causing health-related issues like sagging, back pain but also gives you an ugly look.
Cute-B cream will help you to reduce heavy breast size and give you an attractive shape and figure that is the desire of women. Breast Reduction Cream is made for those females who have a large breast size. Nowadays, because of our lifestyle and busy schedule, no one has enough time to spend on breast reduction exercises and other activities like gym and yoga classes and that’s causes health-related issues like obesity, heavy breast size, and many others.

Hashmi Breast Reduction Cream (Cute-b-Cream) is a 100% herbal and natural treatment to reduce breast size naturally. It is made with an intention to assist females who have longer breast size and wants natural breast reduction in a soothing and safe manner.
The cute-b cream is a good way of breast reduction without surgery because surgery has lots of risks and dangers such as infection, bleeding, changes in the nipple, unfavourable scarring, and many others.

Breast Reduction Cream not only eliminates breast size in a natural manner but also has several benefits like hinders sagging, improves breast shape, increases firmness and maintain estrogen levels. Dr. Hashmi has made this cream with a combination of natural herbs and ingredients that give the best outcomes within a short span of time.

Dr. Hashmi, the maker of Breast Reduction Cream (Cute-b cream) and owner of “Hashmi Unani Pharmacy” is known for his stunning medicine. He has made several sexual and general health-related medicines for male and female both. Because they continue since 1929 they have deep dive knowledge and experience about the issues and their best treatments
Cute-b cream works to maintain the estrogen levels that play an important role in breast in breast reduction. On the other hand, it eliminates the excessive cells in breasts that cause overdeveloped breasts.

Hashmi Cute-B Cream is certified by ISO and GMP and has helped lots of females with heavy breasts size. When it comes to Breast Reduction Cream in India, Cute-B Cream is the first choice to go for.

There are tons of articles had published on the Breast Reduction Cream diet and breast reduction tips by niche bloggers that could help you to reduce breast size naturally. If you have time, it’s good for you to take cute-b cream, breast reduction diet and do exercise simultaneously to get instant results.


Vitis vinifera linn-100mg, Simmondsia Californica-10mg, Punica granatum linn-10mg, Soja Hispida-10mg, Nigela sativa linn-10mg, Ricinus Communis linn-10mg, Emulsifying wax Q.S., Cream Base Q.S., Khushbu Q.S.


Massage on bosom(cups) at night

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Cute B Cream Tube 20ml

Rs. 784Rs. 950 (-17%)

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